Language Arts

Letter recognition & sounds, speaking, writing, and listening are the early literacy concepts students learn in the Kindergarten Language Arts course. Our Language Arts curriculum focuses on literacy skills identified by the National Reading Panel as essential for reading success.


Key concepts in the math curriculum include number sense, base ten, mathematical thinking & operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. Students learn counting, writing, and ordering numbers as well as identifying shapes and working to understand concepts such as shorter, longer, lighter, heavier when understanding numbers.


Kindergarten students begin to understand how science is relevant to their lives and the world around them. Students conduct investigations, develop an understanding of the local weather & weather forecasting, and how to prepare for severe weather. Students also study what plants and animals need to survive as well as the sun's effect on the earth.

Social Studies

Kindergarten students study how things change or remain the same over time (history) and learn map skills while exploring features of their personal community. They are introduced to citizenship through the concepts of jobs, rules, laws, and solving community issues.


In Kindergarten students learn how to use art tools and explore art in the world around them.  


Music classes at LCV consist of an interactive curriculum that focuses on age appropriate instruction, concepts, and music learning. 

Physical Education

Students learn ways to live a healthy lifestyle while exploring concepts such as kick, throw, catch, dance, and basic gymnastics. This course is all about fitness fun!

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