Guiding Principles

Our Foundations


Low Country Virtual will provide rigorous, standards-based, personalized instruction aligned with the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate in a flexible learning environment that meets the needs of South Carolina’s learners.

Why We Exist

The consortium exists to expand student-learning opportunities and to improve student learning outcomes by leveraging innovative methods of teaching and learning. Students will have equal access to rigorous learning experiences.

Role of Instructor

Instructors are integral to the process of learning and offer content expertise, reflective practice, feedback and respect for diverse learners.  Although teachers’ delivery of instruction may change, all virtual courses will be teacher-facilitated.

Professional Learning

In order to ensure that teachers are successful in the online learning environment, they must receive extensive and appropriate professional development.  Low Country Virtual will provide professional learning opportunities for staff and will require demonstrated mastery of the technology tools, and more importantly, the new pedagogical approaches in the online environment and courses.

Student Success

With consideration of student success at the center of determining a student’s best learning environment, all stakeholders should be involved, including students, parents or guardians, school counselors, and school & LCV administrators when considering options for learning. Enrollment in LCV is a collaborative decision that will be based upon the student’s demonstration of the LCV Success Criteria and the availability of a learning coach to support the student at home.

A Shared-Services Model

Districts in the partnership will continue an ongoing investment in the development and maintenance of the shared-services model based on their proportional size in terms of total enrollments

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