Language Arts

Reading, speaking, writing, and listening are the key concepts students learn in the Grades 1-5 English Language Arts courses. Our Language Arts curriculum focuses on the literacy skills identified by the National Reading Panel as essential for reading success.


Students in elementary grades learn numbers sense & place value, mathematical thinking & operations, Geometry, measurement, and data analysis. Skills in each grade level build upon one another as the students progress. Students make sense of mathematical problems, reasoning and justifying their thinking when solving problems. They use mathematical models and tools and recognize there are multiple strategies to solve problems.


Students learn science in Low Country Virtual by focusing on three key components: 1) Science & Engineering Practices; 2) Key Science Concepts/Core Ideas; and 3) Crosscutting concepts that include patterns, cause & effect, scale, proportion, quantity, systems & system models, energy & matter, structure & function, and stability & change.

Social Studies

Students in South Carolina learn social studies through the four key themes: 1) History; 2) Geography; 3) Economics; and 4) Civics & Government. As students advance through the grades they study South Carolina History, American History, World Geography, United States & South Carolina 1600-1700, and United States & South Carolina 1860-1910.​


 At Low Country Virtual we believe in connecting our curriculum to the world in which our students live. It is estimated that over 67% of all. new jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) utilize computer coding, and we are proud to offer coding instruction to all students in grades 5-8.  In these courses, students are introduced to the basics of computer science and explore technology we use in our everyday lives.  


Students learn art techniques, discover great artists, explore principles of design & styles of art while developing their techniques, examine cultural influences of art, and explore career opportunities in the field.  These courses are designed to be fun and engaging for Low Country Virtual students.


Music classes at LCV consist of an interactive curriculum that focuses on age appropriate instruction, concepts, and music learning. We place importance on learning about music of many different cultures and genres all packaged in an easily accessible online format. Students get the opportunity to make their own instruments and play them in a variety of styles, as well as performing some related arts such as movement and dances!

Physical Education

Get fit and feel great! Low Country Virtual's physical education courses are designed to help students learn the components of a healthy lifestyle. Students learn strategies to develop their fitness skills while having fun in an engaging environment.

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