Language Arts

Students in the middle school grades read for a variety of purposes and continue to dvelop their understanding of the organization and features of fiction and informational texts. Students also continue to develop their writing skills and use of grammatical principles to communicate effectively.

Low Country Virtual offers Honors level courses as well as English I for 8th graders for high-school credit. To enroll in honors & high-school level courses, students must have approval from his/her home school district.


In grades 6-8 students will deepen their understanding of the interconnectedness of mathematical concepts by studying the number system, ratios and proportional relationships. In grades 6- 8 students study the number system, ratios & proportions, expressions, equations, and inequalities, Geometry & measurement, and data analysis and statistics. In grade 7 & 8 students begin the study of probability.

Low Country Virtual offers Honors level courses as well as Algebra I & Geometry for high school credit. To enroll in a honors & high-school credit level courses, students must have approval of his/her home school district.


Students learn science in Low Country Virtual and South Carolina by focusing on three key components: 1) Science & Engineering Practices; 2) Key Science Concepts or Core Ideas; and 3) Crosscutting concepts that weave throughout all of the content. As with all core content areas, South Carolina's College and Career-Ready Standards form the foundation of our courses and can be accessed on the South Carolina State Department of Education website.

Low Country Virtual offers Honors level courses in science. Students whose district offer high-school credit bearing courses for science in grade 8 have the option of enrolling in those courses in Low Country Virtual. To enroll in honors & high-school level courses, students must have approval from his/her home school district.

Social Studies

Low Country Virtual Students in Grades 6-8 focus on World Civilzations, Geography of World Regions, and South Carolina & the United States. Grade 6 students study world civilizations, while grade 7 students learn the geography of world regions. Grade 8 students study South Carolina and the United States.

Low Country Virtual offers Honors level courses in social studies. To enroll in honors level courses, students must have approval from his/her home school district


Low Country Virtual believes that strong academics and a curriculum that places emphasis on college and career readiness can help students build a strong foundation for future success.  Because of these beliefs, our middle school electives offer the typical middle school offerings and also focus on career exploration and an introduction to the jobs that exist in the Palmetto State.  In addition to the art, music, and physical education courses that students typically take in middle school, we offer courses that focus on career explorations, health sciences, computer coding, and a workplace and internship readiness course that looks at the knowledge, skills, and dispositions employers in the Palmetto State have identified as being key to success.  You can read more about these offerings below.


In grades 6-8, students will practice using art techniques, creative processes, and various art materials as they create drawings, paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works. These courses are designed to be engaging as students are encouraged to develop their artistic skills, explore career opportunities in the field, and examine the role of art in history.


Music classes at LCV consist of an interactive curriculum that focuses on age appropriate instruction, concepts, and music learning. We place importance on learning about music of many different cultures and genres all packaged in an easily accessible online format. Students get the opportunity to make their own instruments and play them in a variety of styles, as well as performing some related arts such as movement and dances!  

Physical Education

Students learn a variety of exercise strateiges to reach a goal of physical fitness. This course is a requirement in South Carolina for all middle school students.

Career Exploration

How do you pick a career path when you’re not sure what’s even out there? 

This course allows you to begin exploring options in fields such as teaching, business, government, hospitality, health science, IT, and more! You’ll align your interests, wants, and needs to career possibilities, including the required education for each. Let’s find a pathway that works for you.

Exploring Health Sciences

Where do healthcare workers spend their days? What do they really do?

 From cruise ships to sports arenas, you can find healthcare workers in many places that you might not expect. Explore this field, including what it would be like to work in a medical lab. Learn what it takes to keep you and your patients safe, and begin to learn about the human body and basic first-aid. This course also connects with regional healthcare workers so that students can learn from healthcare professionals

Workplace & Internship Readiness

Starting your first “real” job can be intimidating, but when you know what to expect and learn how to be successful, you’ll feel confident!


Discover how to build a well-rounded set of employability and personal leadership skills that allow you to guide your own career. Learn how to communicate with others, take initiative, set goals, problem-solve, research different career options, and envision your own personal career path. Get ready to create a powerful launching pad that will help you blast off into a great first job experience!

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