Program Design

Low Country virtual utilizes the National Standards for Quality for Online Learning (NSQ) Teaching, Programs, and Courses as foundational components for its virtual program.  The Standards for Quality Online Teaching will drive the hiring, teacher evaluation, and operational processes for Low Country Virtual

Best practices in digital learning indicate that curriculum design and developmental age of the student are factors that should be  considered when determining the balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.  The amount of time spent in synchronous instruction will depend upon a variety of factors, including but not limited to, grade level (more synchronous for earlier grades), engagement, progress in courses, and tier of support necessary due to course material complexity.






Leaders INvolved

Program Components

Grades Served

Districts in the partnership have the option of serving students in grades K-8. Some of the district partners serve only grades 3-8 or 6-8 depending upon their unique needs.

Schedules & Workload

Students attend both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) lessons. The amount of live instruction depends upon the age of the student and the complexity of the content. You can read more about the schedules and workload in the Low Country Virtual Parent Student Guide.


Low Country Virtual utilizes a variety of partners for its curriculum. FLVS, eDynamic Learning, and locally developed courses are used in our instructional program.


Partnership districts are responsible for issuing student devices to their students. Both Low Country Virtual staff and the districts provide technology assistance to students and families.

Operations & Leadership

Partner district representatives serve on the Low Country Virtual Leadership team and make decisions that help direct and guide the program and LCV administrative staff. Partner districts have designed, launched, and lead Low Country Virtual.

Student Support

Students remain enrolled in the base school and home district and are eligible for support provided by the district as well as the supports provided directly by Low Country Virtual.